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Generational patterns of behavior, experience of stressful events, and everyday life influence family dynamics, sometimes causing families to become stuck in a cycle of disconnection and dysfunction. Through Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), new emotional experiences between family members are facilitated and ruptures can be repaired in a safe environment. 


Family Therapists are trained to look at family dynamics and to treat relationships. It is not uncommon for multiple people within a family to experience stress and symptomology, and it makes sense to treat the family as a whole instead of treating each individual separately. Family Therapy is for families with children and teens, between parent and child, among adult siblings, and between adult parents and adult children. Supporting the repair between intergenerational relationships can be deeply rewarding!

What to


$185/ 50 minutes

$278/ 80 minutes

With Family Therapy, we will all meet via Zoom telehealth for 50 minutes, usually once a week in order to build momentum, commitment, and progress toward goals. 

Through therapeutic intervention, respect, and empathic attention to each family member's experience, my aim is to create a sense of safety and restored sense of security within the family. Your family can experience the power of deep healing and the transformative experience of authentic connection. 

My approach services to assist families in . . .

  • Repairing relationship wounds

  • Supporting one another

  • Understanding each other

  • Connecting in moments of pain

  • Finding new ways of relating and solving conflict

  • Exploring family roles, rules, and behavior patterns

  • Building on strengths so your family can be the best it can be

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